Griscom Cup: Women's Golf Association of Philadelphia prevails
27 May 2010
by AmateurGolf.com Staff


by Rick Woelfel

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Penn. (May 27, 2010) -- The Women’s Golf Association of Philadelphia defeated the Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts and the Women’s Metropolitan Golf Association on Thursday in the Women’s Intercity Matches for the Griscom Cup, one of the oldest sporting trophies for women in North America. The two-day event was staged at Huntingdon Valley Country Club just outside Philadelphia.

Under a Nassau scoring system, the WGAP finished with 43.5 points, the WGAM with 32.5 and the WMGA, which includes the New York City area, with 32.

The competition featured four three-way alternate-shot matches on the first day and eight three-way singles matches on the second.
2009 U.s. Senior Women’s Amateur champion Sherry Herman was in the WMGA lineup, while two-time U.S. Women’s Mid-amateur champion and past Curtis Cupper Meghan Stasi played for the WGAP.

The competition dates back to 1898 and through the years has featured some of the top female amateurs in history.

2010 Griscom Cup Results

Women’s Golf Association of Philadelphia 43,5; Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts 32.5; Women’s Metropolitan Golf Association 32

Sherry Herman and Dani Mullen (WMGA) def. Sarah Whitney and Kerri Connolly (WGAM) 2 ½-1/2; Meghan Stasi and Ann Laughlin (WGAP) def. Whitney and Connolly 3-0; Stasi and Laughlin halved with Herman and Mullen 1 ½-1 ½.

Tara Joy Connelly and Marion Webster (WGAM) def. Alicia Kapheim and Ellen Oswald (WMGA) 2 ½-1/2; Catherine Elliott and Alyssa Roland (WGAP) def. Kapheim and Oswald 3-0; Elliott and Roland halved with Connelly and Webster 1 ½-1 ½.

Laura Ladden and Liz Haines (WGAP) def. Ann Fraser and Pam Kuong (WGAM) 3-0; Ladden and Haines def. Becky Montgelas and Laura Algiero 2-1 (WMGA); Montgelas and Agiero def. Fraser and Kuong 3-0.

Lisa McGill and Alexandra Frazier (WGAP) def. Lisa Anderson and Mary Chamberlain (WGAM) 2 ½-1/2; McGill and Frazier def. Adrienne MacLean and Sue DeKalb (WMGA) 3-0; MacLean and DeKalb def. Anderson and Chamberlain 2-1.

Lisa Anderson (WGAM) def. Laura Algiero (WMGA) 2-1; Anderson defeated Loraine Jones (WGAP) 2 ½-1/2; Algiero def. Jones 3-0.

Alexandra Frazier (WGAP) def. Pam Kuong (WGAM) 2-1; Frazier def. Cheryl Brayman (WMGA) 2 ½-1/2; Brayman def. Kuong 2-1.

Sarah Whitney (WGAM) def. Sue DeKalb (WMGA) 3-0; Whitney def. Ann Laughlin (WGAP) 3-0; DeKalb def. Laughlin 3-0.

Adrienne MacLean (WMGA) def. Anne Fraser (WGAM) 3-0; MacLean def. Lisa McGill (WGAP) 3-0; McGill def. Fraser 3-0.

Becky Montgelas (WMGA) def. Kristin Macdonald (WGAM) 2-1; Montgelas def. Laura Ladden (WGAP) 2-1; Macdonald def. Ladden 2-1.

Tara Joy Connolly (WGAM) def. Sherry Herman (WMGA) 3-0; Connelly def. Catherine Elliott 2 ½-1/2; Elliott def. Herman 3-0.

Kerri Connolly (WGAM) def. Dani Mullen (WMGA) 2-1; Connolly halved with Alyssa Roland 1 ½-1 ½; Roland def. Mullen 3-0.

Meghan Stasi (WGAP) def. Mary Chamberlain (WGAM) 3-0; Stasi def. Ellen Oswald (WMGA) 3-0; Chamberlain def. Oswald 2-1.

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