Lago Mar Wins Florida Club Team Championship
03 May 2010
by Florida State Golf Association


FT. MYERS, FL (May 2, 2010)--Lago Mar Country Club came from seven Stableford points behind to claim the Regular Division title in the Club Team Championship at the Verandah Club in Fort Myers, May 1-2. Buckhorn Springs Golf & Country Club built on their first round lead to capture the Senior Divison title for the second consecutive year.

Grabbing 112 Stableford points in the first round, Lago Mar Country Club sat seven points behind first round leader, Hunters Green Country Club. The team of Rick Woulfe, Bob Ethridge, Craig Stevens, and Steve Sponder, posted a total of 109 points in the final round for a tournament total of 221 to overtake first place and win by one Stableford point. This is Lago Mar’s first Club Team title since winning the championship in 2005. First round leader Hunters Green Country Club followed their 119 points with 101 points to grab second place honors with a 220 total. Redland Golf & Country Club (A), and Heathrow Country Club, finished tied for third place with 219 stabelford points.

In the Senior Division, for the second consecutive year, Buckhorn Springs Golf & Country Club captured the championship by six stabelford points. The team consisting of Skip Lujack, Mark Puskarich, Pete Andrews, and Dan Morgan posted 115 points in the first round and followed that with 108 points in the final round to win the championship. Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club finished alone in second place with a total of 217 stabelford points. The Country Club of Orlando finished in third place with 212 points for third place.

A tradition since 1941, the Club Team is open to traditional golf clubs that own their own course and are members of the FSGA.

The four team members must each be members of the club. Each team member plays 36 holes of individual stroke play using stableford scoring. Total of best 3 point totals of 4 count as the team score each day, and the highest team point total for 36 holes is crowned the champion.

Verandah Club, Fort Myers, FL
Stableford Results
Eagle – 6, Birdie – 4, Par – 2, Bogey – 1 (No Negative Points)
Best Three of Four Scores Each Round

Regular Division

Lago Mar Country Club--112-109--221; Rick Woulfe 39-37--76; Bob Ethridge 40-34--74; Craig Stevens 33-36--69; Steve Sponder 32-36--68

Hunters Green Country Club--119-101--220; Tim Hume 43-37--80; Noi Chay 38-34--72; Scott Kurtz 38-30--68; Charles Alexander 27-23--50

Redland Golf & Country Club (A)--103-116--219; Samuel Martinez 35-44--79; Bruce Fitzpatrick 39-34--73; Jose Novo 29-38--67; Michael Frederick 26-28--54

Heathrow Country Club--110-109--219; David Czech 33-40--73; Chad Ibbotson 35-37--72; Tony Schissel 37-32--69; Martin Summers 38-31--69

Rio Pinar Country Club--99-117--216; Philip Meng 36-41--77; Dennis Postlewait 33-43--76; Cap Caponi 30-33--63; Jeff Lindquist 30-28--58

Redland Golf & Country Club (C)--107-99--206; Casey Matthews 40-39--79; Michael Polizzano 32-30--62; Eric Salomatoff 35-24--59; Greg Isom 25-30--55

Cypress Lake Country Club--92-98--190; Chris Black 28-37--65; Dave Marshman 35-29--64; Brent Lee 29-32--61; Barry Franzese 23-25--48

Shulas Golf Club--103-82--185; Denny Tymosko Jr. 41-36--77; Henrik Margard 35-29--64; John Moore 23-17--40; Robert Meador 27-0--27

Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club--99-84--183; Steve Stodghill 32-30--62; Justin Spiegerer 31-30--61; Daniel Fischer 36-24--60; Andy Stodghill 23-22--45

Redland Golf & Country Club (B)--81-81--162; Ed Trinidad 27-28--55; Jack McAllister 27-27--54; Morgan Bays 27-26--53; Richard Goldsmith 24-24--48

The Quarry--67-72--139; Gary Olson 28-30--58; Terry Lee 21-22--43; Dwight Olson 18-20--38; David Zucker 7-8--15

Senior Division

Buckhorn Springs Golf & Country Club--115-108--223; Mark Puskarich 36-41--77; Pete Andrews 39-34--73; Skip Lujack 40-28--68; Dan Morgan 32-33--65

Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club (A)--107-110--217; Kim Schwencke 43-39--82; Brian Hawke 32-37--69; Bobby Kilgore 32-34--66; Jim Whittemore 29-34--63

The Country Club of Orlando--111-101--212; Glen Davis 42-39--81; Butch Von Weller 38-28--66; Jack Richey 31-32--63; Charles Bailes 31-30--61

Black Diamond Ranch--106-105--211; Dave Blackshear 33-39--72; Bill Joens 36-34--70; Carl Nanni 35-32--67; Ron Green 35-29--64

Cypress Lake Country Club--105-95--200; Ralph Hutchins 38-33--71; Gary Saft 36-31--67; Peter Sherwin 29-31--60; Robert Davis 31-27--58

Fiddlesticks Country Club--101-97--198; Larry Den 34-35--69; Paul Dlugosch 38-28--66; Howard Palen 29-34--63; Russ Ogan 29-23--52

Avila Golf & Country Club--92-93--185; John Downs 33-37--70; Dick Moore 29-30--59; Edward Garver 30-24--54; Robert Callaghan 28-26--54

Verandah Club (A)--97-82--179; Stuart Meyers 34-30--64; Dick Gromacki 32-30--62; Geoff Batt 31-22--53; Steve Nelson 30-17--47

Mission Valley Country Club--90-86--176; Fred Allen 28-35--63; Charles Hodges 35-27--62; Thomas Kelly 27-24--51; Dennis Lingle 26-17--43

Verandah Club (B)--91-85--176; Dan Buettin 35-31--66; Dwaine Roney 27-28--55; John Tramontana 29-26--55; Rick Headley 15-0--15

The Club at Pelican Pointe--76-77--153; Jon Gregory 27-28--55; Paul Neu 25-26--51; Robert Luff 24-23--47; Stephen Eley 22-21--43

Shula's Golf Club--93-58--151; Bob Pechon 28-22--50; Mike Hartman 28-17--45; John Hall 21-19--40; Dave Peterson 37-0--37

Pelican Point Golf Course--72-78--150; Don Bradford 24-29--53; Timothy McNeil 23-27--50; Art Wilson 25-22--47; Alfred DiNapoli 22-19--41

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