Drew Weaver post-round one US Open chat
19 Jun 2009
by Golfweek

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FARMINGDALE, New York (June 19, 2009) -- Amateur Drew Weaver, fresh off posting a 1-under 69 in the first round of the U.S. Open, is now answer your questions live from the Bethpage Black media center.

The 2007 British Amateur Champion is currently tied for fourth place.

Weaver, a recent Virginia Tech grad and former British Amateur champ, has said he will remain amateur this summer to try to make the U.S. Walker Cup team (despite his British Amateur victory in 2007, he was not selected to represent USA that in that year's playing of the biennial competition).

10:27 Golfweek.com: Amateur Drew Weaver, fresh off posting a 1-under 69 in the first round of the U.S. Open, is now making his way to the Bethpage Black media center to answer your questions.

He is currently the leader in the clubhouse.

Weaver, a recent Virginia Tech grad and former British Amateur champ, has said he will remain amateur this summer to try to make the U.S. Walker Cup team.

Feel free to submit your questions for Drew now.
10:35 Golfweek.com: Update: Drew will now be joining us in about 30-45 minutes. Please check back then.

12:04 Golfweek.com: Update: Drew has finished up lunch and some media obligations and will be joining us shortly. Thank you for your patience.

12:11 Drew Weaver: Hi it's Drew Weaver. I just finished with some other interviews, so I will be happy to answer any questions you all have

12:11 [Comment From TourHopeful]
Congrats on the round Drew... any chance you'll get some sleep tonight?

12:12 Drew Weaver: Thanks! I am sure I will sleep well tonight after 2 5am mornings in a row

12:12 [Comment From Mark McEntire]
Drew, Congratulations on a great round. How is the set-up of this course most different from what you are accustomed to and how did you adjust your game for the U. S. Open at Bethpage?

12:13 Drew Weaver: The golf course is very long, but playing college golf you become fairly accustomed to long tracks. I have just focused on my driving and speed on the greens more than anything this week

12:13 [Comment From Lance Ringler]
You remind me a lot of Ben Curtis coming out of college. Do you know much about Ben and do you think that is a good comparison?

12:14 Drew Weaver: I have met Ben, but honestly don't know alot about his past record. Anyone that has won a major championship and multiple tour events is nice to be compared to though!

12:14 [Comment From Mark McEntire]
Drew, of the players who have won the U. S. Open in the last 10-20 years, which one do you think most compares to you in style of play and on-course demeanor?

12:17 Drew Weaver: Probably more of a Lee Janzen type player, who doesnt over-power the course, but is more of a strategy based player. Thats what I am trying to do this week atleast

12:17 [Comment From swugolfer]
Hey Drew, first off great playing so far. Just wondering what its like being near the top of the leaderboard as an amateur in the US Open and what are your plans with regards of when your turning pro?

12:18 Drew Weaver: Thanks! It is a neat feeling to be close to the top in the US Open for sure, but you cant get too ahead of yourself. After all we have only played 1 round. I plan on turning pro in September, hopefully after the Walker Cup

12:18 [Comment From Laura]
Hi Drew, I am a 2007 VT grad and just wanted to say congratulations on all your success. I hope to see you playing a lot in the future! Go Hokies!!
12:20 Drew Weaver: Thanks alot! Go Hokies!

12:20 [Comment From Joe T]
what clubs do you have in the bag this week?

12:21 Drew Weaver: I am all Titleist. 909D3 driver, 909F2 3 wood, 909H hybrid, ZM irons 3-pw, vokey vedges, and Cameron putter
12:21 [Comment From Andrew Byrd]
Great playing Drew..keep up the stellar play

12:21 Drew Weaver: Thanks Andrew!

12:21 [Comment From Just-A-Name]
Tiger Woods has said that the 15th hole is probably the hardest hole on the course, while a few others have said the 4th is. What do you think is the most challenging or difficult hole this weekend?

12:22 Drew Weaver: I would say 15 is the most demanding, but any hole is tough if you dont hit the fairway. I made a great up and down from the greenside bunker on 15 today, and that was big for momentum

12:22 [Comment From Smith]
What's the best part of playing in the U.S. Open and the worst part of playing in the U.S. Open?

12:24 Drew Weaver: Best part - the roars when a putt goes in. Worst part - time management (but its not really all that bad)

12:24 [Comment From Joe T]
best shot you hit today?

12:24 Drew Weaver: Tee shot on 17, along with the birdie putt - unreal roars

12:25 [Comment From Kevin]
Good luck next week at the Northeast Amateur and with the Walker Cup!!

12:25 Drew Weaver: Thanks!

12:25 [Comment From Mark McEntire]
I saw a USGA official this morning saying that the greens are still running at about 13, but I have been watching the live video and they look slow, for a U. S. Open, to me. What did you think?

12:26 Drew Weaver: They are the same speed as yesterday, and with all the water they have taken they still have good speed to them. These are without question the flattest greens I have ever seen though

12:26 [Comment From Jr Golfer]
what did you like most about your college experience and what will you miss most?

12:27 Drew Weaver: College is great - I think the team aspect of it I what I will miss. There is always that great group of guys to hang out with, which is great

12:29 [Comment From WeaverDs]
Assuming you make the first cut, who would you want to be paired with?

12:29 Drew Weaver: Tiger and Phil of course.... haha anyone. I just want to keep playing good golf

12:30 [Comment From TourHopeful]
Where does this rank as the hardest courses you've ever played? At the top?

12:30 Drew Weaver: Its in the top 2 or 3. I would love to see it fast and firm. Augusta and Carnoustie and Oakmont are up there. If this place had tough greens it would be unreal tough

12:30 [Comment From Dan Alcorn]
Is it difficult being in the spot light in front of thousands of fans?

12:31 Drew Weaver: I actually enjoy it and tend to thrive on the energy from the crowd - its a blast

12:31 [Comment From Hot_Carl]
Did you go to Bethpage by yourself or did you bring family, etc? If so, what's the atmosphere for them like being in the crowds?

12:33 Drew Weaver: I am here with my parents, my girlfriend and her dad and a few other friends from home They love it, because the fans are so enthusiastic

12:33 [Comment From gway]
do you plan on plan on wearing argyle everyday? keep it up kned.

12:33 Drew Weaver: Haha galloway - not everyday, thanks though kned

12:33 [Comment From TourHopeful]
You had a strong senior year for Tech... is there one thing that's been the reason for your good play? Like a tip that you received or something with your swing that you're focusing on?

12:35 Drew Weaver: I had a point in early fall where i redidicated myself to improvement - in all areas. I started working with Randy Myers and Mike Shannon in Sea Island and have seen great steady progress in my game since. Ive got a great group of coaches, including my swing coach Jim Brotherton and mental coach Bob Winters who help me get better all the time

12:36 Drew Weaver: Alright, I've got to run, but nice talking to everyone!

12:36 [Comment From TourHopeful]
thanks drew.., good luck man

12:37 Golfweek.com: Thanks for your time, Drew. Good luck the rest of the week.

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