2006 Texas Amateur Golf Almanac
19 Nov 2006

The following is a summary of the 2006 Texas amateur golf season.


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Texas Amateur Golf 2005: The Year in Review


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Winners of Events Played in Texas
Jan28-29 Kim Brown Memorial Partnership Larry Trowell/Si Harris (-6)
Feb25-26 Texas (TGA) North Regional Four Ball Joe Owen/Stephen Love (-7)
Feb25-26 Texas (TGA) South Regional Four Ball Trevor Hyde/Shawn Westacott (-11)
Mar10-12 Lakeway Invitational Charles Young/Ed Podzemny (-4)
Mar11-12 Texas (TGA) State Club Team Hollytree CC, Tyler (+4)
D. Newhouse, J. Lee, R. Howell
Mar11-12 Medalist Meadowbrook Farms Amateur David Pocknall (+2)
Mar11-12 Morris Williams Spring Championship Dean Lundquist (-3)
Mar 24-26 Texas (TGA) South Regional Amateur Ron Schroeder (+4)
Mar31-1 Laredo Open Emiliano Martinez (+3)
Mar31-2 Hollytree Azalea Invitational David Ward/Randy Lance (-14)
Apr1-2 DPLGA Wylie Moore Memorial John Hefner (-5)
Apr6-8 Temple Cup Senior Mike Rice/Steve Earsley (-14)
Apr7-9 Texas (TGA) North Regional Amateur Charlie Holland (+4)
Apr7-9 Greater San Antonio Match Play John Elizondo
Apr12-13 Women's Texas (WTGA) State Partnership Joanne Burleson/Chris Braatz
Apr22-23 Medalist Cypress Lakes Amateur Jack Tyson (-5)
Apr22-23 Austin Open Corbin King (-12)
Apr27-30 Claude Harmon Invitational Jeff New
Apr29-30 Lions Spring Partnership Rob Ormand/Robby Ormand (-20)
Apr27-30 Champions Cup Invitational Andy Cooper/Sandy Pierce (-20)
May5-7 Greater San Antonio Senior Amateur Chuck Ellenwood (E)
May19-21 Texas (TGA) Four Ball Championship Artie Starrs/David Leachman (-17)
May24-26 Carlton Woods Invitational Andy Cooper (+2)
May27-8 DPLGA Erwin Hardwicke Memorial Ryan Ammon (-4)
May27-8 Medalist Blackhorse Amateur Robert McKinney (-1)
Jun3-4 amateurgolf.com North Texas Amateur Bob Neal (-7)
Jun8-11 Texas (TGA) State Amateur Paul Haley (-10)
Jun8-11 Greater San Antonio Amateur James Grant (+1)
Jun18-23 Women's West Texas Championship Marian Barker
Jun21-22 Texas Women's Open Carolyn Creekmore (E)
Jun22-25 Texas (TGA) Public Links Championship Nick Williams
Jun23-25 Tyrrell Garth Invitational Randy Lance (-8)
Jun30-2 Bill Penn Memorial Bob Hullender/Van Lefferdink (-20)
Jul1-4 Firecracker Open Robby Ormand (-12)
Jul7-9 Texas (TGA) Father-Son Championship Steve & Brett Gill (-16)
Jul10-16 Trans-Mississippi Mid-Amateur Robert Funk
Jul10-16 Trans-Mississippi Senior Steven Hakes
Jul11-14 Texas State Open Kelly Grunewald (-18)
Jul14-16 Pecan Valley Amateur Alan Hill (-4)
Jul15-16 Fort Worth Mid-Amateur Lelan Chiles (-6)
Jul21-23 West Texas Amateur Tom Doughtie (-19)
Jul22-23 Central Texas Amateur Stephen Paterson (+1)
Jul21-28 Women's Texas (WTGA) Amateur Mina Hardin
Jul27-30 Texas (TGA) Mid-Am Match Play Alan Clark
Jul29-30 Medalist Cypresswood Amateur Travis Stiegman (-4)
Jul31-2 Texas State Junior Alex Moon (-2)
Aug3-6 Austin City Championship Brian Noonan (-16)
Aug3-5 Texas (TGA) Partnership Championship David & D.J. Allen (-6)
Aug11-13 Texas (TGA) North Regional Mid-Am Jeff Makohon (-8)
Aug11-13 Texas (TGA) South Regional Mid-Am Randy Lance (-6)
Aug12-13 The Devlin Trophy Woody Englander/Mark Healer (-12)
Aug12-13 Fort Worth Two-Man Best Ball Mitch Hendon/Kevin Doskocil (-15)
Aug18-20 Texas (TGA) Senior Amateur Chris Larsen (-2)
Aug25-27 Temple Cup Jimmy Burke/Troy Maxwell (-13)
Sep2-4 Fort Worth Men's Amateur (Collegiate) Will Woodring (-14)
Sep2-4 Fort Worth Men's Amateur (Championship) John Bearrie (-8)
Sep9-10 DPLGA Kay Kup Kenneth Coutant (-7)
Sep15-17 Texas (TGA) Mid-Amateur Jonathan Mathias (-7)
Sep18-21 Women's Texas (WTGA) Senior Stroke Play Carolyn Creekmore (+2)
Sep22-24 Harvey Penick Invitational Jonathan Mathias (-3)
Sep22-24 Greater Houston City Amateur Seth Thornton (-3)
Sep23-24 Dallas City Championship Rob Couture (-2)
Sep23-24 Fort Worth Senior Amateur Lelan Chiles (-2)
Sep29-1 Bluebonnet Cup Tony Pitifer (+5)
Sep29-1 Texas (TGA) Senior Four-Ball Gary Kirwan/Jerry Hudgins (-20)
Oct1-2 Hannon Cup Professionals 23-5
Oct7-8 Greater Houston Senior City Amateur Jerry Hudgins (-3)
Oct12-15 Greater San Antonio Senior Match Play Keith Carriker
Oct14-15 Medalist Redstone Amateur Robert McKinney (-2)
Oct20-22 The Bear Invitational Eddie Podzemny/Charles Young (-8)
Oct23-28 Dallas Morning News Tmt of Champions Lelan Chiles (-5)
Oct27-29 Texas (TGA) Shoot Out South Team 25-23
Oct28-29 Austin Senior City Championship Lester Lundell (-1)
Nov2-4 Dallas Athletic Club Fall Invitational Clay Price/Doug Strobel (-11)
Nov8-10 South Padre Island Texas Senior Open Danny Edwards (-4)
Nov18-19 San Antonio Open Brian Rowell (-5)
Nov18-19 Medalist Season Ending Championship Sandy Pierce (E)
Medalists of USGA Qualifiers in Texas
May15 U.S. Open Local - San Antonio Brett Callas, Joey Zamora (68)
May15 U.S. Open Local - Austin Jhonattan Vegas (69)
May15 U.S. Open Local - DFW #1 Addison Awe, Charlie Stevens (67)
May17 U.S. Open Local - Houston Jim Bob Jackson (66)
May19 U.S. Open Local - West Texas Weldon Martin (70)
May22 U.S. Open Local - DFW #2 Colt Knost (67)
Jun5 U.S. Open Sectional - Texas Ryan Baca, Ryan Posey (136)
Jun13-14 U.S. Public Links - Houston Matt Briggs (140)
Jun19-20 U.S. Public Links - El Paso Roy Holdeman (141)
Jun19-20 U.S. Public Links - San Antonio Jonathan Lenz (136)
Jun26-27 U.S. Public Links - DFW F Cabrera, Z Reyna, C Moreland (144)
Jun12 U.S. Senior Open - San Antonio Terry Dill (70)
Jun12 U.S. Senior Open - Houston Bob Kearney, David Lundstrom (70)
Jun19 U.S. Senior Open - DFW Doug Bailess, Gary Owen (68)
Jul24 U.S. Amateur - DFW #1 Robby Ormand, Austin Schauer (142)
Jul25 U.S. Amateur - DFW #2 Tyrone Mordt (140)
Jul25-26 U.S. Amateur - Houston Robert Gwin (135)
Jul27 U.S. Amateur - West Texas Jake Younan-Wise (140)
Jul31 U.S. Amateur - DFW #3 Charlie Stevens (141)
Jul31-1 U.S. Amateur - San Antonio Alan Hill (140)
Aug8 U.S. Amateur - DFW #4 Bronson Burgoon (138)
Aug7 U.S. Mid-Amateur - DFW #1 Bill Steen (69)
Aug9 U.S. Mid-Amateur - San Antonio Terrence Miskell (71)
Aug10 U.S. Mid-Amateur - Austin Chris Goodspeed (68)
Aug14 U.S. Mid-Amateur - DFW #2 David Leachman (69)
Aug14 U.S. Mid-Amateur - Houston John Dowdall (70)
Aug28 U.S. Senior Amateur - DFW Gary Kirwan, Michael Puls (69)
Aug29 U.S. Senior Amateur - Houston Wayne Harris (70)
Aug29 U.S. Senior Amateur - San Antonio Viviano Villarreal, Adrian Wise (73)

Texas Winners of National Amateur Events (*=Senior)

Stacy Lewis, Harder Hall Women's Invitational, Sebring, FL

Andy Cooper/Sandy Pierce, Champions Cup Invitational, Houston, TX

Andy Cooper, Carlton Woods Invitational, The Woodlands, TX

Bob Hullender, Carlton Woods Senior Invitational, The Woodlands, TX*

Taylor Leon, Women's Southern Amateur, Pinehurst, NC

Stacy Lewis, Women's Western Amateur, Bluefield, VA

Mike Rice, National Senior Hall of Fame, High Point, NC*

Bob Neal/Mark Lindberg, Friedman Cup, Newburgh, IN

Bob Hullender, Friedman Cup, Newburgh, IN*

Carolyn Creekmore, North & South Senior Women's Am, Pinehurst, NC*

Bob Hullender/Gary Hardin, Totteridge National Invitational, Greensburg, PA*

Jonathan Mathias, Harvey Penick Invitational, Austin, TX

Bob Hullender, Harvey Penick Invitational, Austin, TX*

Performance in USGA Events by Texas Amateurs

Competed in U.S. Open (*=Medalist in Sectional Qualifying)

Ryan Baca*, Ryan Posey*

Advanced to U.S. Open Sectional Qualifying (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)

Hernan Borja*, Charlie Stevens*, Addison Awe*, Jhonattan Vegas*, Ryan Posey*, Jonathan Lenz, Weldon Martin*, Colt Knost*, Ryan Baca, Andrew Dresser, Scott Fawcett

Competed in U.S. Senior Open (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)

Steven Moran*, Bob Kearney*, Doug Bailess*, Chuck Ellenwood

Competed in U.S. Amateur (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)

Zack Robinson, Robby Ormand*, Austin Schauer*, Ryan Kornmann*, Dean Rodgers, Tyrone Mordt* (match play), John Bearrie, Matthew Harvey, Robert Gwin*, Jeff Bell (match play), Brian Noonan, Matt Boyd, Alan Hill*, Jonathan Lenz, Terrence Miskell, Charlie Stevens*, Justin Fraley (match play), Greg Flanagan, Conrad Shindler, Bronson Burgoon*, Colt Knost, Trip Kuehne (quarterfinals), Ryan Posey (2nd round match play)

Competed in U.S. Mid-Amateur (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)
Corliss Nelson, Bill Steen*, Bob Neal, Jeff New, Neal Barfield, James Edmondson, Trey Owen, Terrence Miskell* (match play), John Pierce, Chris Goodspeed*, John McClure (2nd round match play), John Dowdall*, Sandy Pierce (2nd round match play), Seth Thornton, David Leachman*, Denny Alexander, John Bearrie (match play), Trip Kuehne (medalist, 2nd round match play)

Competed in U.S. Public Links (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)

Matt Briggs*, Terrence Miskell (match play), Jonathan Lenz*, Ben Smock, Hernan Borja* (match play), Roy Holdeman*, Zeke Reyna*, Cole Moreland* (2nd round match play)

Competed in U.S. Senior Amateur (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)
Bill Edwards, Gary Kirwan*, Michael Puls* (2nd round match play), Lloyd Hughes, Hobey Vance, Jody Vasquez, Steve Summers, Wayne Harris*, Howard Knowles, Thomas McGraw (Runner-up), Mike Rice (match play)

Competed in U.S. Women's Open (*=Medalist in Sectional Qualifying)

Taylor Leon*, Ashley Knoll (made cut), Lauren Espinosa

Competed in U.S. Women's Amateur (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)
Christa Spedding, Kate Ackerson*, Stacy Lewis* (semifinals match play), Lauren Johnson (match play), Catherine Matranga, Brittany Smith, Daphne Vines, Taylor Leon (match play), Ashley Knoll (2nd round match play), Lauren Espinosa (2nd round match play)

Competed in U.S. Women's Mid-Amateur (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)
Kathy Crumley, Janie Carpenter, Toni Wiesner (match play), Adrienne Arnold, Debra Mielke, Fallon Vaughn, Laura Waits, Kathy Mankowski, Marilyn Hardy* (quarterfinals match play), Sherry Heller, Lecia Alexander (match play), Mollie Murphy, Karen Veriato, Mina Hardin (final 16 match play), Robin Burke (final 32 match play)

Competed in U.S. Women's Public Links (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)

Hillary Zeigler* (match play), Jackie Smith, Laura Cross* (2nd round match play), Carrie Morris (match play), Megan Dowdy* (match play), Kelley Louth (match play)

Competed in U.S. Senior Women's Amateur (*=Medalist in Local Qualifying)
Terry Ehrhardt* (match play), Leslie Henry, Anna Schultz (Runner-up), Cindy Carroll, Jewell Malick, Deb Sanders, Toni Wiesner (semifinals match play), Carolyn Creekmore (final 16 match play)

Performance in R&A Events by Texas Amateurs

Competed in British Amateur


Competed in British Senior Amateur

Competed in British Mid-Amateur
Trey Owen

Special Congratulations to the Following Players

Stacy Lewis--Won the Harder Hall Invitational, won the Women's Western Amateur, runner-up in the Women's Southern Amateur, semifinalist in the U.S. Women's Amateur, semifinalist in the North & South Women's Amateur

Trip Kuehne--Quarterfinalist in the U.S. Amateur, medalist in U.S. Mid-Amateur, runner-up in the Sunnehanna Amateur, runner-up in the Coleman Invitational, top 10's in the Porter Cup and The Players Amateur

Taylor Leon--Won the Women's Southern Amateur, member of the winning U.S. Curtis Cup team, qualified for the U.S. Women's Open

Bob Hullender--Won the Carlton Woods Senior Invitational, won the Friedman Cup, won the Totteridge National Invitational, won the Bill Penn Memorial, won the Harvey Penick Invitational

Jonathan Mathias--Won the Texas Mid-Amateur, won the Harvey Penick Invitational, runner-up in the TGA South Regional Amateur and TGA South Regional Mid-Amateur

Carolyn Creekmore--Won the Texas Women's Open, won the Texas Women's Senior Amateur

Andy Cooper--Won the Carlton Woods Invitational, won the Champions Cup

Mike Rice--Won the National Senior Hall of Fame, runner-up in the Carlton Woods Invitational

Tom McGraw--Runner-up in U.S. Senior Amateur, runner-up in Houston City Amateur, 4th in Texas Senior Amateur

Lelan Chiles--Won the Fort Worth Mid-Amateur, won the Fort Worth Senior, won the Dallas Morning News Tournament of Champions

Terrence Miskell--Qualfiied for the U.S. Amateur, U.S. Mid-Amateur and U.S. Public Links; runner-up in Texas State Amateur



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