AmateurGolf.com 2015 San Diego Amateur II presented by Callaway Golf
December 12 - 13 2015
Carlsbad, CA



Aviara Golf Club
7447 Batiquitos Dr
Carlsbad, CA  92011-4732
phone: (760) 603-6900
url: www.golfaviara.com

Tournament Overview

12/7/15 - Tournament Update:

The San Diego Amateur is now full with a short waiting list. Please register online to put your name on the list, and if we can't get you a spot we will refund the charge in full.

The tournament is played on Saturday and Sunday, with both rounds going off in an 8:30am shotgun. Once again we are going to be treated like pros at one of the best venues in Southern California, Aviara Golf Club -- as seen on TV during the LPGA's Kia Classic played in March!

Your entry fee includes 2 rounds of golf with cart, prizes, a $25 Callaway gift card as a tee prize, and the opportunity to play a Tour-proven golf course in a competitive setting. This San Diego Amateur is part of the SCGA player rankings.

Format: 36 holes medal play.

Contact Information

Pete Wlodkowski
6965 El Camino Real
Suite 105-631
Carlsbad, CA 92009
phone: 760-929-9297
fax: 760-603-9264
17173144Christopher TuulikSan Diego, CA
17173144Justin ChongGranada Hills, CA
16876144Clay FeaglerLaguna Niguel, CA
47869147Perry CohenLa Jolla, CA
47077147Brandon MaiPoway, CA
67178149Redford BobbittRancho Sante Fe, CA
67475149Nathan ClarkUpland, CA
67277149Everton HawkinsIrvine, CA
67574149Zack WagnerSan Diego, CA
107476150Derek CastilloYorba Linda, CA
107476150Ricky CastilloYorba Linda, CA
107674150Jason MeijersSan Diego, CA
107476150Dennis WaitesCypress, CA
147576151Daniel Dal PoggettoPetaluma, CA
147675151Taylor HoodCorona, CA
147774151Court LewisYorba Linda, CA
147279151Kyle PollemaLakewood, CA
187379152Joe FryerSanta Ana, CA
187874152Johnny HyunIrvine, CA
187874152Grady SmithSan Luis Obispo, CA
187676152Tal TartagliaReedley, CA
228073153Jeremy GombergMountain View, CA
227479153Joshua MolchanTorrance, CA
227578153Ryan MulhernVancouver, Canada
227776153Marc TomaSan Diego , CA
267777154Sage CasagaMurrieta, CA
267876154Kyle RectorSan Diego, CA
287779156James BiggsDiss, England
297780157Ryan EmeryJamul, CA
297780157Cody HallWildomar, CA
297483157Jordan NordbySebastopol, CA
297879157Dale SmithCoronado, CA
338573158Roman AragonMission Viejo, CA
337781158Ryan BisharatEl Cajon, CA
338177158Chase FureyNewport Beach, CA
368178159Cory DonnellyChico, CA
368673159Corey GhiringhelliPetaluma , CA
368475159Xuzhong LiNewport Coast, CA
397685161Jacob BissSan Clemente, CA
398477161Dalton HankamerTemple, TX
398675161Drew MillerThousand Oaks, CA
397883161Evan PetersonClovis, CA
398081161Nick PrudhommeAliso Viejo, CA
397685161Jake WilliamsTemecula, CA
458280162Vincent DylastraLos Angeles, CA
458379162Danny GrisaSan Diego, CA
458379162Hisham HusseinSan Dimas, CA
488281163Austin BriggsSan Clemente, CA
487786163Newport LaparojkitMontebello, CA
488182163Connor SimsCarlsbad, CA
488281163Edward SusolikNewport Beach, CA
488182163Jacob WilliamsFontana, CA
538183164Jeremy LampiOakley, CA
548679165Eric TaylorSacramento, CA
547887165Samuel YoungLakewood, CA
568482166Connor O'HernTustin, CA
578879167Connor NolanCorona, CA
588187168Kyle EggeCarlsbad, CA
598485169Joseph GerardiClovis, CA
597990169Jordan MeasFountain Valley, CA
618486170Eric CondryFresno, CA
618783170Rovonta YoungRancho Cucamonga, CA
638487171Barrett TaylorYorba Linda, CA
638883171Clark TaylorMission Viejo, CA
658488172Johnny RamirezBrentwood, CA
659181172Clay RogersHuntington Beach , CA
678490174Samuel MangiaterraOak Hills, CA
6886ncncOwen BartlettSparks, NV
6987wdwdForbes Collins IILake Forest, CA
6975wdwdShigetoshi HasegawaIrvine, CA
6984wdwdJohn SarmentaSan Ramon, CA
69wdwdwdBrad TapferNewport Beach, CA
Senior Championship
18372155Steve DonnellySalinas, CA
17580155John HoffmanSan Diego, CA
38081161Bill RitterAlsio Viejo, CA
48182163Paul HundhammerSan Diego, CA
47687163Bruce LomanNewport Coast, CA
68283165Bobby ForsterHuntington Beach, CA
68283165Tom McKeeCarlsbad, CA
88284166Don EklundSan Diego, CA
98384167Michael HardingEncinitas, CA
108883171Stephen FriendLos Angeles, CA
119082172Vince AffinitoAntioch, CA
118587172Gary CrockerSan Diego, CA
139092182Mark MillerClayton, CA
1484ncncKen KubisSan Diego , CA
15wdwdwdDavid OasCarlsbad, CA
1586wdwdJohn PhillipsSan Diego, CA
17870148Ty JacobSan Diego, CA
27178149Richard McDanielSan Diego, CA
37382155Dorothy DonnellySalinas, CA
47781158David YaoSan Diego, CA
57782159Alex LisnevskySan Diego, CA
68975164Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CA
78882170Roseann DeMartinoSan Diego, CA
87992171Dave DavidsonUpland, CA
88982171Jack Van Den OeverChula Vista, CA
17176147Sarah LawrenceDuvall, WA
27778155Vanessa HonnesSanta Ana, CA
38175156Haley WianHuntington Beach, CA, CA
48878166Sadie StrainArbuckle, CA

Pairings for Round 2 on Sunday December 13 follow.

Tee #10A 08:30 AM
Steve DonnellySalinas, CASenior Championship
Don EklundSan Diego, CASenior Championship
Bobby ForsterHuntington Beach, CASenior Championship
Tom McKeeCarlsbad, CASenior Championship
Tee #10B 08:30 AM
John HoffmanSan Diego, CASenior Championship
Paul HundhammerSan Diego, CASenior Championship
Bruce LomanNewport Coast, CASenior Championship
Bill RitterAlsio Viejo, CASenior Championship
Tee #11A 08:30 AM
Gary CrockerSan Diego, CASenior Championship
Stephen FriendLos Angeles, CASenior Championship
Tee #12A 08:30 AM
Vince AffinitoAntioch, CASenior Championship
Michael HardingEncinitas, CASenior Championship
Mark MillerClayton, CASenior Championship
Tee #13A 08:30 AM
Dave DavidsonUpland, CANet
Ty JacobSan Diego, CANet
Alex LisnevskySan Diego, CANet
Tee #13B 08:30 AM
Dorothy DonnellySalinas, CANet
Richard McDanielSan Diego, CANet
David YaoSan Diego, CANet
Tee #14A 08:30 AM
Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CANet
Roseann DeMartinoSan Diego, CANet
Jack Van Den OeverChula Vista, CANet
Tee #15A 08:30 AM
Austin BriggsSan Clemente, CAChampionship
Danny GrisaSan Diego, CAChampionship
Hisham HusseinSan Dimas, CAChampionship
Edward SusolikNewport Beach, CAChampionship
Tee #16A 08:30 AM
Vanessa HonnesSanta Ana, CAWomen
Sarah LawrenceDuvall, WAWomen
Sadie StrainArbuckle, CAWomen
Haley WianHuntington Beach, CA, CAWomen
Tee #17A 08:30 AM
Eric CondryFresno, CAChampionship
Jeremy LampiOakley, CAChampionship
Samuel MangiaterraOak Hills, CAChampionship
Johnny RamirezBrentwood, CAChampionship
Tee #17B 08:30 AM
Roman AragonMission Viejo, CAChampionship
Xuzhong LiNewport Coast, CAChampionship
Drew MillerThousand Oaks, CAChampionship
Eric TaylorSacramento, CAChampionship
Tee #18A 08:30 AM
Corey GhiringhelliPetaluma , CAChampionship
Rovonta YoungRancho Cucamonga, CAChampionship
Tee #18B 08:30 AM
Joseph GerardiClovis, CAChampionship
Dalton HankamerTemple, TXChampionship
Connor O'HernTustin, CAChampionship
Tee #1A 08:30 AM
Justin ChongGranada Hills, CAChampionship
Joe FryerSanta Ana, CAChampionship
Everton HawkinsIrvine, CAChampionship
Kyle PollemaLakewood, CAChampionship
Tee #1B 08:30 AM
Redford BobbittRancho Sante Fe, CAChampionship
Clay FeaglerLaguna Niguel, CAChampionship
Brandon MaiPoway, CAChampionship
Christopher TuulikSan Diego, CAChampionship
Tee #2A 08:30 AM
Derek CastilloYorba Linda, CAChampionship
Ricky CastilloYorba Linda, CAChampionship
Jordan NordbySebastopol, CAChampionship
Dennis WaitesCypress, CAChampionship
Tee #2B 08:30 AM
Nathan ClarkUpland, CAChampionship
Ryan MulhernVancouver, CanadaChampionship
Zack WagnerSan Diego, CAChampionship
Tee #3A 08:30 AM
Daniel Dal PoggettoPetaluma, CAChampionship
Taylor HoodCorona, CAChampionship
Joshua MolchanTorrance, CAChampionship
Jake WilliamsTemecula, CAChampionship
Tee #4A 08:30 AM
James BiggsDiss, EnglandChampionship
Jacob BissSan Clemente, CAChampionship
Jason MeijersSan Diego, CAChampionship
Tal TartagliaReedley, CAChampionship
Tee #5A 08:30 AM
Ryan BisharatEl Cajon, CAChampionship
Ryan EmeryJamul, CAChampionship
Newport LaparojkitMontebello, CAChampionship
Court LewisYorba Linda, CAChampionship
Tee #5B 08:30 AM
Sage CasagaMurrieta, CAChampionship
Cody HallWildomar, CAChampionship
Dale SmithCoronado, CAChampionship
Marc TomaSan Diego , CAChampionship
Tee #6A 08:30 AM
Evan PetersonClovis, CAChampionship
Kyle RectorSan Diego, CAChampionship
Grady SmithSan Luis Obispo, CAChampionship
Samuel YoungLakewood, CAChampionship
Tee #7A 08:30 AM
Perry CohenLa Jolla, CAChampionship
Jeremy GombergMountain View, CAChampionship
Johnny HyunIrvine, CAChampionship
Jordan MeasFountain Valley, CAChampionship
Tee #8A 08:30 AM
Chase FureyNewport Beach, CAChampionship
Nick PrudhommeAliso Viejo, CAChampionship
Connor SimsCarlsbad, CAChampionship
Barrett TaylorYorba Linda, CAChampionship
Tee #8B 08:30 AM
Cory DonnellyChico, CAChampionship
Vincent DylastraLos Angeles, CAChampionship
Kyle EggeCarlsbad, CAChampionship
Jacob WilliamsFontana, CAChampionship
Tee #9A 08:30 AM
Connor NolanCorona, CAChampionship
Clay RogersHuntington Beach , CAChampionship
Clark TaylorMission Viejo, CAChampionship

Roman AragonMission Viejo, CA
Owen BartlettSparks, NV
James BiggsDiss, England
Ryan BisharatEl Cajon, CA
Jacob BissSan Clemente, CA
Redford BobbittRancho Sante Fe, CA
Austin BriggsSan Clemente, CA
Sage CasagaMurrieta, CA
Derek CastilloYorba Linda, CA
Ricky CastilloYorba Linda, CA
Justin ChongGranada Hills, CA
Nathan ClarkUpland, CA
Perry CohenLa Jolla, CA
Forbes Collins IILake Forest, CA
Eric CondryFresno, CA
Daniel Dal PoggettoPetaluma, CA
Cory DonnellyChico, CA
Vincent DylastraLos Angeles, CA
Kyle EggeCarlsbad, CA
Ryan EmeryJamul, CA
Clay FeaglerLaguna Niguel, CA
Joe FryerSanta Ana, CA
Chase FureyNewport Beach, CA
Joseph GerardiClovis, CA
Corey GhiringhelliPetaluma , CA
Jeremy GombergMountain View, CA
Danny GrisaSan Diego, CA
Cody HallWildomar, CA
Dalton HankamerTemple, TX
Shigetoshi HasegawaIrvine, CA
Everton HawkinsIrvine, CA
Taylor HoodCorona, CA
Hisham HusseinSan Dimas, CA
Johnny HyunIrvine, CA
Jeremy LampiOakley, CA
Newport LaparojkitMontebello, CA
Court LewisYorba Linda, CA
Xuzhong LiNewport Coast, CA
Brandon MaiPoway, CA
Samuel MangiaterraOak Hills, CA
Jordan MeasFountain Valley, CA
Jason MeijersSan Diego, CA
Drew MillerThousand Oaks, CA
Joshua MolchanTorrance, CA
Ryan MulhernVancouver, Canada
Connor NolanCorona, CA
Jordan NordbySebastopol, CA
Connor O'HernTustin, CA
Evan PetersonClovis, CA
Kyle PollemaLakewood, CA
Nick PrudhommeAliso Viejo, CA
Johnny RamirezBrentwood, CA
Kyle RectorSan Diego, CA
Clay RogersHuntington Beach , CA
John SarmentaSan Ramon, CA
Connor SimsCarlsbad, CA
Dale SmithCoronado, CA
Grady SmithSan Luis Obispo, CA
Edward SusolikNewport Beach, CA
Brad TapferNewport Beach, CA
Tal TartagliaReedley, CA
Barrett TaylorYorba Linda, CA
Clark TaylorMission Viejo, CA
Eric TaylorSacramento, CA
Marc TomaSan Diego , CA
Christopher TuulikSan Diego, CA
Zack WagnerSan Diego, CA
Dennis WaitesCypress, CA
Jacob WilliamsFontana, CA
Jake WilliamsTemecula, CA
Rovonta YoungRancho Cucamonga, CA
Samuel YoungLakewood, CA
Senior Championship
Vince AffinitoAntioch, CA
Gary CrockerSan Diego, CA
Steve DonnellySalinas, CA
Don EklundSan Diego, CA
Bobby ForsterHuntington Beach, CA
Stephen FriendLos Angeles, CA
Michael HardingEncinitas, CA
John HoffmanSan Diego, CA
Paul HundhammerSan Diego, CA
Ken KubisSan Diego , CA
Bruce LomanNewport Coast, CA
Tom McKeeCarlsbad, CA
Mark MillerClayton, CA
David OasCarlsbad, CA
John PhillipsSan Diego, CA
Bill RitterAlsio Viejo, CA
Scott CarelliMenlo Park, CA
Dave DavidsonUpland, CA
Roseann DeMartinoSan Diego, CA
Dorothy DonnellySalinas, CA
Ty JacobSan Diego, CA
Alex LisnevskySan Diego, CA
Richard McDanielSan Diego, CA
Jack Van Den OeverChula Vista, CA
David YaoSan Diego, CA
Vanessa HonnesSanta Ana, CA
Sarah LawrenceDuvall, WA
Sadie StrainArbuckle, CA
Haley WianHuntington Beach, CA, CA

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Park Hyatt Aviara
7100 Aviara Resort Dr.
Carlsbad, CA 90211
Rate: $180
Rate Code: Amateurgolfdecember2015

NOTE: This hotel is adjacent to our host course $180 per day rate (plus resort fee, tax) room rate is available by clicking on the following link and following instructions as an "attendee": https://resweb.passkey.com /go/Am ateurgolf2015

Situated on Southern California’s sun-drenched Pacific Coast, Park Hyatt Aviara Resort is a luxurious seaside hotel in Carlsbad, California, just north of San Diego, where you are inspired to relax and indulge. From atop a high ridge on the shore of Batiquitos Lagoon, a wildlife sanctuary and a place of natural beauty, and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Park Hyatt Aviara is a AAA Five Diamond San Diego resort that’s far from ordinary.

Secluded amid 200 acres of verdant hillsides and rolling valleys, within the master- planned community of Aviara, our luxurious San Diego area hotel and resort provides a spectacular setting for your vacation or event. The resort’s Spanish colonial architecture welcomes you with a sense of casual elegance, and the lush landscape, edged by one of the top golf courses in San Diego, surrounds you in beauty and tranquility.

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