Alameda Commuters Senior Golf Tournament
April 29 - 30 2017
Alameda, CA



Chuck Corica Golf Complex - Earl Fry Course
1 Clubhouse Memorial Rd
Alameda, CA  94502-6502
phone: (510) 747-7824
url: www.golfinalameda.com

Tournament Overview

Senior division of long running 72 hole event played over two weekends at the Chuck Corica Golf Complex in Alameda. Seniors play the second of the two weekends, in their own 36 hole competition. Interested senior players should email Bob bg olf@comcast.net for an entry form.

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The name Alameda Commuters' was conceived by a group of Alameda residents who loved the game of golf, and worked in San Francisco. At 7:30am every week day the ferry boat "SS Santa Clara" left the Island City for San Francisco.

The first Alameda Commuters' was played on July 15, 1928, with 19 entrants. The format was medal play with handicaps. Handicaps were assigned by arbitration. Those who could yell the loudest were rewarded with the highest handicaps. Oh, what progress we've made!

The next order of business was prizes. Every contestant was requested to donate a "white elephant" prize. The winner's prize was a keg of nails, and last place was a sack of manure. Everyone won a prize, thus the motto "You win if you lose" at the Commuters'. Bill Saylor, owner of the famous candy company, donated confections to the losers, a tradition that will never melt.

The popularity of the Commuters' brought changes in the tournament's format. From one initial flight of 19, the Commuters' grew in 1936 to a field of 21 handicap flights of 16 contestants each and the Championship of 16 contestants. With 352 entries it was dawn to dusk work for the committee.

By 1937, it was necessary to hold qualifying for the Championship flight to determine the low 32, who advanced into match play. That format lasted for 22 years, when in 1959 the Championship became a 72-hole, medal affair, as it remains today.

Staying Power
While the above brings you up to date with the Commuters' conception, and major changes, it fails to emphasize the staying power of such a golf tournament to survive part of a depression, prohibition, World War II, etc. Someone was responsible. Credit must be laid at the feet of our many sponsors. Their continued support has provided genuine longevity and prestige to this tournament.

Equally crucial for longevity and prestige are the entrants, and the Northern California Golf Association. Year after year top amateurs in Northern California enter this event in quest of the Commuters' title, or even a merit type finish position, knowing the tournament will be conducted in the highest spirit of true amateur golf.

While many of the contenders over the years have gone forward into the professional ranks, some as tour players, others as teaching or club professionals, many also return as sponsors. Still others return in search of the Simon pure amateur title. The NCGA has assigned player points second to none for a locally sponsored medal play tournament. In appreciation of this we pledge to continue our efforts on behalf of amateur golf, maintaining the high standard worthy of it and to make each successive Alameda Commuters' golf tournament a pleasant memory for all.

The Committee- Then and Now
Back in 1928 the 7:30 gang started something for fun and enjoyment. As with time, everything changes. The present day Committee member is expected to receive all the original intent by the giving method; his time, his effort and his sacrifices. However strange this seems, it's an ingrained part of the Committee camaraderie and has been protected by Committee nominations of new members who in turn require unanimous approval, thereby safeguarding Committee structuring effort for the present, and the future.

The task of Chairmanship is given to a new leader each year.

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