Sacramento City 2018 Men's Regional Four-Ball
March 17 - 25 2018
Sacramento, CA


Tournament Overview

Sacramento City 2018 Men's Regional Four-Ball
The Sacramento Golf Council presents the 2018 Sacramento City Regional 4 Ball Championship at Bing Maloney Golf Course on March 17, 18, 24 and 25. The tournament is open to all amateur golfers with a current USGA handicap index of 7.0 or lower. A handicap card or other verification must be presented prior to teeing off on the first day of the tournament.

***This is a NCGA Player Point Tournament***
All rounds will be posted by the Tournament Director

The tournament format is as follows:

All play conducted under USGA rules. Play is at scratch.

4-Ball stroke play qualifying round on Saturday, March 17 - 8:03 a.m. morning tee times*
1st Round matches 18 holes Sunday, March 18 - 8:03 a.m. morning tee times
2nd Round matches 18 holes Saturday, March 24 - 7:30 a.m. morning tee times
3rd Round matches 18 holes Saturday, March 24 - 1:00 p.m. afternoon tee times
4th Round matches 18 holes Sunday, March 25 - 7:30 a.m. morning tee times
Championship match Sunday, March 25 - 1:00 p.m. afternoon tee time if needed.

* Low 31 or 15 teams plus defending champions or low 32 or 16 teams will advance to the match play round on Sunday, March 19. (Defending Champions playing as a team shall receive automatic qualification into match play unless they elect to compete in the qualifying round). Ties will be broken by sudden death playoff from first hole unless there would be an option to play from another hole if both teams agree.

The entry fee is $260 per team and includes ALL qualifying and match play green fees. Golf carts may be rented in the golf shop prior to play. The field is limited to paid entries from the first 72 teams.

To register, click on the Registration tab above. The entry deadline is 9:00 p.m. March 12, 2018 and there will be no refunds after that date.

If you have any questions, please contact Rudy Danzinger at rudydanzinger@yahoo.com or (916) 837-4238.

Rudy Danzinger, Tournament Director
916 33rd Street
Sacramento, CA 95816


Bing Maloney Golf Course Bing Maloney Golf Course
6801 Freeport Blvd
Sacramento, CA  95822-5978
phone: (916) 808-2283
url: www.bingmaloney.com


1954 Verne Callison / Irvin Jenkins
1955 Bob Unthank / Joe Kaney
1956 Verne Callison / Sid Tudor
1957 Bob Unthank / Joe Kaney
1958 Max Bachtold / Ralph Waterhouse
1959 Dr. George Moss / Art Freer
1960 Zuke Neal / Herbert Patton
1961 Randy Wilson / Frank Elston
1962 Verne Callison / Mel Hutchins
1963 Lt. George Benoit / Lt. Dallas Copeland
1964 Anthony Clecak / Robert Smith
1965 Phil Freer / Rick Freer
1966 Ros Gatzert / Tom Bruton
1967 Tom Dixon / Roly Lamontagne
1968 Verne Callison / Mel Hutchins
1969 Al Langsdorf / Rusty Napier
1970 Vic Loustalot / Ray Arrino
1971 Ray Arrino / Art McNickie
1972 Lew Garbutt / Dennis Braden
1973 Pat McGowan / Randy Ramirez
1974 Randy Ramirez / Bob Durst
1975 Mel Hutchins / Verne Callison
1976 Lew Garbutt / Roly Lamontagne
1977 Mike Lopez / Walt Beall
1978 Paul Wilson / Gary Bottini
1979 Louie Alvarez / Johnny Badeker
1980 Bill Flowers / Jack Koski
1981 Bill Flowers / Jack Koski
1982 Louie Alvarez / Johnny Badeker
1983 Joey Ferrari / Dick Wantz
1984 Dave Baskins / Chris McKenna
1985 Clyde Daniels / John McGregor
1986 Herb Jensen / Terry McDermott
1987 Louie Alvarez / David Carr
1988 Dave Baskins / Chris McKenna
1989 Bob Fleming / Chuck Zeller
1990 Steve Burdick / David Garcia
1991 Dave Baskins / Chris McKenna
1992 Phil Arrino / Bob McDaris
1993 Dave Baskins / Chris McKenna
1994 Al Bello / Brian Bello
1995 Louie Alvarez / Chris Johnson
1996 Steve Burdick / Jeff Gilchrist
1997 Don Thames / Steve Von Seeger
1998 Pat McDonald / Robert Motley
1999 Bob Niger / Bob Fleming
2000 Jeremy Deems / Matthew Anderson
2001 Matt Bettencourt / Jon Dechambeau
2002 Matt Bettencourt / Jon Dechambeau
2003 Jim Wilson / J J Jakovac
2004 Jeff Gilchrist / Joe Moulton
2005 Jeff Gilchrist / Joe Moulton
2006 Danny Gums / Ty Berrenchea
2007 Jason Anthony / Nick McClintock
2008 Jeff Hoffman / Tim Snow
2009 Brad Penfold / Ken Crawford
2010 Herb Jensen / Doug Crowther
2011 (Canceled)
2012 Jeff Gilchrist / Steve Woods
2016 Jeff Gilchrist / Steve Woods
2014 Mike Williams / Scott Bulbany
2015 Andrew Roberts / Austin Roberts
2016 Tommy Semereaux / Ryan Wilson
2017 Chris Johnson / Devyn Fitchhorn

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$260Team Entry Fee: includes ALL qualifying and match play green fees

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