Which Titleist golf ball is right for you?
05 Jul 2012
by AmateurGolf.com Staff

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Titleist ProV1 and ProV1X: Golf balls for any skill level
Team Titleist, Titleist's online community of golfers, blogs and touring-pro updates, recently held a live chat for its users dedicated towards providing knowledge necessary to choose the right ball for their game.

As part of Titleist's ongoing golf ball education, Mike Gibson, the company's Manager of Golf Ball Fitting, answered questions from golfers. Here are highlights from the educational chat:

Question: What kind of swing speed do I need to play the Titleist ProV1x?

Answer: We hear this one a lot while we are out with our mobile golf ball fitting vans.

Since a golf ball only reacts to the force being applied, different shots will require different swing speed (force) in order to execute them properly.

So, a golf ball must perform for all golfers of all swing speeds on all shots. To answer your question, the Pro V1x is not designed for a specific swing speed.

Question: I have always used the Pro V1, but now that I am 70 I don't have the same clubhead speed I used to have. So I decided to switch to the new NXT Tour. Is this a good choice for maximum compression?

Answer: Every golfer compresses the golf ball on every full swing shot. In fact, the differences in the amount of compression across driver swing speeds is virtually indistinguishable.

In terms of the NXT Tour being a good choice for you, I'd suggest an on-course evaluation with both of those golf balls to see which performs the best for you.

Question: Why don't you have a golf ball designed for women?

Answer: Every Titleist golf ball is designed for women. We focus on overall performance which can be game and score changing. Remember, the golf ball doesn't know who is hitting it.

Question: Pro-V1 vs Pro-V1X. What is the primary difference and how can I use that difference to help my game?

Answer: Around the greens both golf balls perform very similar. The longer the shot, the more you will see that the Pro V1 tends to spin more than the Pro V1x. Also, the Pro V1x will peak further down range than the Pro V1.

That said, we highly recommend you test both golf balls side-by-side on the golf course to figure out which one works best for you.

Question: I'm looking for lots of distance but nice feel around the greens, what ball would u recommend?

Answer: Good news, all Titleist golf balls provide exceptional distance. If you're looking for greenside performance, you should compare Pro V1 and Pro V1x to see which performs best for your game.

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