CHAMP Zarma FLYtee review
08 May 2012
by Benjamin Larsen of AmateurGolf.com

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Of all the equipment in your golf arsenal, tees have to be the last thing on your mind.

You think of everything else: the clubs, the shafts and grips; glove, shoes, spikes, balls and even what you're wearing. But what about the tee?

It's common to overlook this part of your preparation but CHAMP Spikes is fixing to change that with its growing line of Zarma FLYtee products.

The line ranges in styles and height, including 1 3/4", 2 3/4", and 3 1/4". Golfers can also find combination packs and custom printed tees from CHAMP.

Members of the amateurgolf.com Player Staff Program recently tested and reviewed the CHAMP Zarma FlyTee MyHite Tee and came away mightily impressed.

All FLYtee models from CHAMP are biodegradable, rendering most golfers' issues with non-wood tees incorrect. These tees are tougher than wood and won't hurt the environment.

"I like very much that the tees are biodegradable though," said Greg Austin. "That is one of my primary concerns with the plastic tees."

The MyHite tees the Player Staff Program reviewed feature three colored markings, allowing consistent tee height on every tee box. As Darryl Donovan, another Player Staff Member and longtime amateurgolf.com member, pointed out, the striped tees also help golfers locate the tee easily in the grass after their tee shot.

"I don't ever use these stripes on tees to actually measure the depth I'm inserting them into the ground," Austin said. "But they do give you a mental sense of confidence that you know it will always be consistent."

The MyHite tees also feature a pleasant six- prong platform for improved stability when compared with other plastic tees featuring three or four prongs. The shallow cup also leads to less friction and more distance.

"Seeing the ball sit on the tee made it look like it was ready to launch, especially on iron shots with the tee low to the ground," said Bret Taylor. "It looked like it was a perfect lie ready to make that sweet contact every golfer desires!"

Perhaps the best feature of the Zarma FLYtee MyHite tees, though, is their durability. The tees rarely break --- usually only on iron shots --- and can last up to multiple rounds. Depending on contact made, bending may occur but the durability of the tees doesn't compromise its effectiveness much.

"I played two rounds and used the same two CHAMP Zarma FLYtees the entire time," said Joey Schalk. "This included using them on the driving range before each of those rounds. I never thought a golf tee could be so durable."

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